Node 616

This node functions as a wire node from 617 to 615. It is also a character clock gate and frequency divider.

Source code

usb node 617 node 615 node 616
616 r/l chr clk 4/
go 00 @b -if ! then @b @b @b go ; 04

init right b! left a! go ; 08

7 r 0 0 ether


Wait for signal from RIGHT. If negative, characters are to be clocked out, thus send the signal to LEFT, and discard next three pusles. Otherwise just discard four clock pulses.
Set registers A and B, and jump to go.


This note gates character clock signal. When characters are being rendered, it divides clock signal from node 617 by four, and sends it to node 615. Otherwise it blocks the clock signal. Output signal has 500 ns intervals.