Node 715

This node functions alternatively as a wire node, passing data from 714 to 716, and as a character clock signal generator.

Source code

usb node 716 node 714 node 615 node 715
715 char clock, r/l
go 00 @ ! b! @b drop b! !b drop go ; 03

init 1F5 r-l- a! 0 20000 io down 0 30000 io down
dup dup drop drop go ; 11

7 r 0 u 0 ether


First read a word from RIGHT and send it to LEFT. Then suspend reading from DOWN. A word read from DOWN is a signal to toggle GPIO 715.17 pin level. Repeat these two steps indefinitely.
Set register A, prefill stack with addresses and output values, and jump to go.


This node combines two functions. It is a wire passing data from node 714 to 716; it also toggles GPIO pin 715.17 when a signal is received from character clock via node 615. Note that the node suspends while waiting for a next clock signal. When pin 17 toggles, all three analog nodes generating VGA color components receive this clock edge at the same time.